Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days: Day 3

My intent with 31 Days is to capture the little moments. The fleeting moments. The moments that quickly pass and usually slip away from your memory amongst the busyness of life.

Speaking of fleeting memories, as I was getting Kathryn ready for bed last night, out of no where she she said "Buenos dias. Como estas". That was a surprise. Thanks, school!

Tonight I took a closer look at bedtime.
Reading Blue Dog. Margie, Paul, and Taylor gave Kathryn this book for her birthday. This is the only book that she wants to read each night (since May). She has the entire book memorized (and so do we) and now wants to read it to us each night.
When she "reads" the story is all over the place, but it's the best (and most entertaining) story you've ever heard.

And for the completely random...
Today, Kathryn proudly brought home artwork from school

E. J. calls this one "the frog that was ran over by Kathryn's car"


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