Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days: Day 2 - Escape to New England Part II

Day two of 31 Days of Blogging! A special thank you to AP for creating this adorable 31 Days button for me! You can find her great blog here.

I wanted to write (well, mostly let the pictures tell the story) about our trip to New England! After our time in Massachusetts, it was time to head to my parent's house in Vermont. I'll let the pictures tell the rest!
One of her favorite pastimes: throwing rocks into ponds
 Planting her own tree with Pop Pop
 Ice cream at a farm stand

 Having a blast with Uncle Sam
 Sam was a trooper rolling down the hill a bunch of times (right after eating dinner. Woof.)

 The marshmallows were okay...
 ...but the chocolate is best
 Labor Day Picnic! Jen & her family came, too!
Second cousins make the best friends - especially when they're so much fun to play with! 
First braid, thanks to cousin Sarah

 Sam took me on a little hike down the side of this waterfall. I only fell twice.
 I made it!

 Her own pumpkin, thanks to Pop Pop's garden
 Dance party with Nana

 Trip to Connecticut for a lovely evening with Kim and Andy!
Nana put some curlers in this little girl's hair. She loved it.

 One of many tea parties
We had the most wonderful time visiting family and friends. It's extra special to have spent two weeks with my parents and watch Kathryn have such a great time with them. Yup, distance stinks. 

The pictures are really just a glimpse into our time there and really don't do the vacation complete justice, but you get the idea.


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