Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days: 31 - Happy Halloween...And I've Done It!

1) I did it - 31 consecutive days of blogging! It's been quite the adventure and I'm really glad I committed and completed it. 

2) I really wanted to be sleeping right now, but I accidentally fell asleep with Kathryn in her bed. She demanded I snuggle with her and I couldn't say no to that.

3) Happy Halloween! At the beginning of the week, we attended a Halloween party for the kiddos of employees where I work. 

Excitement was most certainly in the air. After eating out, we transformed Kathryn into a ladybug (in   E. J.'s truck) and headed over to the event. She started out a little timid because of the big crowd, but eventually warmed up. However, things went south, fast. Kathryn told us in tears "My tushy hurts. I need Desitin". She insisted we needed to go home. However, after a trip to the bathroom (in which I did absolutely nothing to assist her with her problem) she told me that she was "all better" within a few moments of us getting into the bathroom. She even added that she was "ready to fly now" (that was in reference to E. J. explaining to her earlier that she had wings). Oh, this girl...
 All is well again

The night ended on a high-note and I think Kathryn had a lot of fun. Seconds after we walked in the front door, Kathryn opened the tootsie roll wrapper (by herself) and enjoyed every last bite of it. Mess in the background brought to you by K, the ladybug herself.
Thanks so much for joining along with the 31 Days Series. It's been fun documenting the little happenings in our life over the past month.


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