Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days: 29 - Project 52: Week 27

The entire house could be spotless, but if the kitchen is dirty the whole house feels tainted. I like a clean kitchen and devoted a lot of my time to a kitchen deep-clean this weekend as my next Project 52.

I'm not talking about the usual wipe down of the counters and sink, but rather, the things that aren't done as frequently (or at least I don't do them every week).

First, I tackled the fridge. I cleaned every crevice of that thing and weeded out food and jars that somehow make their way to the back as if it's a graveyard for leftovers and items I'll never end up using. I didn't give anything a chance. No condiment was spared. I am a little disappointed with my results picture of the fridge because I don't think the picture does it justice.

There's just something about a clean, organized, and weeded-out fridge. Am I right?

The rest of the kitchen went like this:

1) Cleaned and polished all of the stainless surfaces
2) Dusted and wiped down the top of the cabinets
3) Cleaned the silverware drawer. Please tell me how it is that a drawer, where you only put clean items into, manages to get dirty?
4) Wiped down all of the surfaces of the cabinets
5) This one isn't a cleaning item, but I needed to point out my "Meal Planning" book which has its own permanent home on the island. It's where I plan all the meals for the week and keep my grocery list. If I think of something we need, I write it down immediately or else it will escape my mind within seconds. I realize you don't need a cute customizable book to write a grocery list, but I'm a big fan of it! It's by May Books. No, they're not paying me, but I wanted to mention it since the book is a fixture in the kitchen.

*The only thing missing from this picture is that I forgot to put Kathryn's artwork back up on the fridge.
A clean kitchen makes me how do we keep it this way all the time!?


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