Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days: 28 - Gettin' Out of the House

While the East Coast prepares for what sounds like the Storm of the Century (Sandy), things are pretty quiet (and cool) here in Texas. 

I felt like we really needed to get out of the house today. I don't mind (read: I love!) being couped up in the house. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a hard time being bored if I were to be stuck in the house for days upon days. I'm the definition of a homebody. But things are a little different when you have an active 2.5 year old. Things are also different when you have a husband who has to sleep during the day to work during the night.

My schedule is pretty packed this week, leaving me no time to run errands during my lunch breaks. So we loaded up the car this morning and headed into town. 
You always need to stop at Target because whether you realize it or not, 
you always needs something at Target.
If Kathryn is with me, it's now apparently a requirement to obtain a shopping cart with a car attached. It makes for a happy grocery shopping companion...even if I swore I'd never be one of those moms who pushed those things.
 Momma's treat: non-fat, extra hot, chai tea latte. Mmmmm.
When we got home, I noticed that one of the ducks was walking around the pond with her new babies. I stopped the car and got out since Kathryn said she wanted to say 'hi' to them. She's my animal lover.
Stay safe, East Coaster's! It sure looks like it's going to be some scary conditions - hoping for the best possible outcome for all of you.


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