Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Days: 27 - A Day With My Girl

We didn't have any plans for today other than hanging around the house. I put a big dent in one of my Project 52's and Kathryn and I did a lot of playing.

We made our way outside mid-morning and Kathryn found some 'tools' so she could "fix the shed door for daddy".
Around noon we made our way to Kathryn's room for a nap. I told her I would lay with her for just a little bit. By 12:30 she finally nodded off...and so had I. Amazingly, I found a comfortable position in her twin bed and we slept until 3:30! I think both of us needed that.

Earlier this week I mentioned I was going to make some chili for dinner. It ended up being close to 90 degrees on the day I planned to make it, so it didn't quite seem like an appropriate meal. But tonight, it was the perfect dinner.
I think Kathryn would call this picture: "A Good Day". I might call it something different, 
but we'll go with her title for tonight

It's supposed to get into the 30's tonight and only make it into the 60's again tomorrow. This is music to my ears. In celebration, I'm about to bundle myself under the clean set of sheets I put on tonight and enjoy some sleep...since a 3 hour nap just wasn't enough today.


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