Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days - 26: Friday Treats

In my book, Friday evenings are a special treat. The bustle of the work week comes to an end and there's a carefree feeling as soon as I enter the front door.

Today was an ordinary Friday with a few small treats sprinkled throughout the day.

*We actually had a fall day! FINALLY! It was in the 50's all day and I loved every second of it.

*During the last hour of work I wrote a 5 page to-do list on a legal pad. Is this a treat? Not really. But it felt so good to get all my to-do's out of my head, off of sticky notes, and e-mails into one spot. Now comes the actually doing the tasks. Eh, I'll worry about that next week.

*K and I had some FaceTime with Kim and Andy tonight! It was so fun to talk and see them (even though Kathryn was being bashful most of the time). It's great to finally have a phone that's capable to do that!

*We ended the evening with some baking. My little helper assisted me with some homemade toffee chocolate chunk brownies. We'll see how they taste once they cool down.
*My last treat: I don't have to set the alarm tonight for tomorrow morning. I'll take that.

Happy Friday!


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