Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days: 24 - Our Evening, Step-by-Step

Today is a continuation of yesterday's post. If you missed the "AM" portion, you can check it out here.

Here's the PM!

1:37:The rest of my day is basically working on a number of projects, more e-mails, more to-do list. Same as the morning. Tuesday's aren't meeting-heavy, so I'm in my office a lot.

3:30: Weekly meeting with my boss

4:00: Figure out what I need to be working on tomorrow. Time to make another list.

4:45: Start wrapping up and be absolutely sure I get K's stuff ready before I pick her up. It's our little "thing". She asks me everyday as we're walking out of school, "do you have my George Treats and water?". (George Treats = Curious George fruit snacks). 
5:00: I'm out the door. You better believe that I'm speed walking across the parking lot and trying to avoid traffic so I can pick K up as quickly as possible

5:04:  In my car and on my way to Kathryn's school

5:15: Arrive at K's school. As I walk in, I'm wondering if she's the last kid to be picked up. Close call - she's the 2nd to last kid left in her class. I hate that

Today, Kathryn's teacher tells me how impressed with Kathryn's mature conversations. She mentioned that she's still not wanting to use the toilet at school and she says she'll just go on the toilet at home. When her teacher asked her if she needed to have her diaper changed, she told her "no, I'm dry". Her teacher said, "are you sure?". Kathryn's response: "You can check, but I'm sure that I'm dry". She's definitely making this potty training thing interesting.

As we walk out, we pass Olivia's mom, Kara's mom, and Oscar's dad. How do I know? Kathryn made sure to point at each parent and tell me who they belonged to.

5:22: Loaded in the car and on our way home! Best time of the day

5:56: Check the mail, pull in the driveway, and unload our stuff

5:59: Get into the house. E. J. is at the table eating his breakfast (?) - I guess that's what you would call it. Kathryn is super excited to see her daddy! And, of course, I'm happy to see him too, even if it's for 30 minutes

6:03: Start unloading/loading dishwasher
Kathryn gets her baby and immediately gives it a bottle (a wine stopper)

6:08: Start getting dinner ready.Thank goodness it's a leftovers night (that happens about twice a week, otherwise I make dinner). It works out nicely when we have leftovers on a night when E. J. is working. It's one less thing that I have take time to do.

As I'm 'preparing' dinner (I'll use that term loosely, since I am only using the microwave tonight) I have a quick conversation with E. J. And by 'conversation', I mean half face-to-face and half talking loudly as he gets ready in our bedroom while I'm in the kitchen.

Kathryn, however, is right by his side. She normally asks him about his uniform and makes a point to mention that she too has her own badge.

6:30: We say our goodbye's as E. J. heads out the door for work

6:32: Dinner time

6:48: Finish dinner
         Clear the dishes
         Load the rest of the dishes and start up the dishwasher
         Put away any remaining food
         Make lunches (this is one of my least favorite things to do)
         Make sure that I add George Treats and a sippy cup to my lunch
         Wash the grapes and strawberries I bought earlier today and cut up the strawberries
         Scoop the (damn) cat box (turn on the back flood lights on my way there)
         Re-fill the dog's water bowls and get their food ready for the morning
         Decide what I'm going to wear tomorrow and then iron it
         Pick out Kathryn's outfit for the next day
         Do a load of laundry
         Put the trash in the outside trashcan
(During this time, Kathryn is normally right by me - we're talking away!)

7:30: Get Kathryn washed up/teeth brushed. I don't feel like giving her a bath, so it's a shower kind of night. I take a quick rinse off, too. Finally, in our jammies!

7:47-8:33: Give my mom (Nana) a call for her birthday. Then we end up Skyping.

8:34: I let Kathryn watch one Curious George episode.The Skype date with Nana is something that's out of the ordinary for a weeknight and although it's later than when K normally goes to bed (8pm is normal 'head to bed' and read a book time), "George" might cool her down after bouncing around with Nana.

8:36: Throw a load of laundry in and get the load from last night from the dryer

8:39: Fold towels on the bed while Kathryn watches "George"

8:45: K falls asleep in our bed

9:00: Let the dogs outside one last time

9:10: Bring Kathryn to her room

9:12: Time for some blogging!

10:05: Put the clothes in the dryer

10:07: Brush my teeth and pop in that beautiful retainer

10:11: Take the meat out of the fridge to defrost - I'm making chili for dinner tomorrow night. Not sure how that will fly with Kathryn...

10:15: Collapse into bed, catch a little bit of the news, set my alarm for the morning

10:30: I think I'm sleeping by this time to rest up and do it all over again tomorrow

Today I learned that it's a major pain keeping a meticulous list of the things I'm doing, but I'm really glad I did it.


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