Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days: 19 - Personality Unfolding

I thought today would be a good time to do a 'brain dump' of sorts of the things that Kathryn is doing/saying these days.

*I let Kathryn lay in bed for me later than normal last night. Mainly because E. J. was at work and I couldn't turn down the company. We were watching some "George" (what a surprise) and she turned to me and said: "Mommy, I'm worried". Concerned, I asked her what she could possibly be worried about. Her response" "I'm worried about daddy". Way to break my heart, kid. How do you know what 'worried' already means...and you're much to young to be worried about things like that.

*A couple of weeks ago, Kathryn was with my mother-in-law. She asked her if she wanted to go help her with something. Kathryn's response: "Well, if I must". Whhhaaat???

*Just tonight, E. J. let her play a game on his phone, but when he gave her the phone an error message popped up and she knew something wasn't right, so she told E. J. how she felt about that: "I'm not very happy with this, daddy".

*"Oh my goodness" comes out of her mouth at least once a day (she gets that one from me).

*She tells both of us (multiple times a day) "I love you". Which naturally makes us and our hearts smile.

*Kathryn was scavenging through the pantry the other day and found the small bottles of wine that I keep that work well when a recipe calls for some. She took one out and with all the excitement in the world said "Oh look! This is my favorite wine!!" I have no words for that one.

*According to Kathryn's teacher, she has informed them that she does not go potty at school, only at home. Hmmm. Now if we could get her to go potty more consistently at home.

*Her teacher asked me today if we had a Spanish speaker at home. Confused, I asked her why. While they were practicing Spanish words in class, she was highly impressed with Kathryn's Spanish accent. Apparently, she's spot on when pronouncing words in Spanish and her teacher also commented that she speaks better than those kids in her class who have someone speaking Spanish at home. Who would have thought.

*At the end of the day, K usually asks me "Soooooo, how's your day goin', mommy?"

*Whenever we ask Kathryn to come to us to do something, her response is normally "Whatcha goin' to do to me?" It kind of makes me a little sad when she says that, but I think she may have got that from us when we're joking around with her.

*Before we leave the house each morning, she tucks her kitty into our bed so E. J. can sleep with it during the day and "keep kitty warm".

*It was 'Family Week' at school this week, so they talked about who makes up a family. Each child made a collage of what their family looks like. This is Kathryn's:

She told her teacher (and insisted) that she has a brother and a sister. She must know something that we don't.

I love these 'little happenings' that make life with Kathryn so fun...and very interesting!


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