Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days: 16 - My Picky Eater

 This girl... living proof that the type of eater you get is just a luck of the draw.

When I was pregnant with her, I was extra attentive to the foods I ate. I've been a lover of salads, fruit, and veggies my whole life, but especially while pregnant. I ate salad after salad. I went to Starbucks only once to get my favorite tall non-fat peppermint java chip frappachino. I'm not much of a soda lover, but one time a Dr. Pepper sounded great, so I had a caffeine-free one. I didn't even use nail polish for 9 months just so I could avoid one less chemical entering into my body. (That last point sounds particularly crazy, especially because you'd think I'm a parent of 8 kids based on how laid back I normally am when it comes to this parenting gig).

Honestly, I didn't indulge too much while pregnant and maintained a healthy diet. I gained 37 pounds, so there's certainly no denying that I was eating, but I don't feel like I went crazy. Except for that entire four-serving thin crust margarita pizza I ate about 9 hours before she was born. Errrr.

Once Kathryn started eating "solid" foods, I carefully made most of her baby food and gave her a variety of fresh fruits and veggies. As she gobbled them up I thought, 'I did it'! She's going to be a veggie lover just like me. So I gave myself a high-five and thought it would be smooth sailing from there.

Fast forward to present day and I find myself with a daughter who could live off of pizza, pasta, french fries, and most meat/poultry. She won't even eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, mac n' cheese, or grilled cheese sandwich - what kid doesn't like those things?!

We have to make her eat a bite of her veggies each night before she's free to leave the table.

I no longer believe the moms who talk about all the veggies they gave their child when they were just a mere infant causing their child to blossom into a healthy and diverse eater because of the introduction of those foods early on. LIARS! It just doesn't work that way. Or at least I'm telling myself that it can't because that's not how Kathryn has turned out.

Maybe Kathryn got a taste of the delicious Kroger brand frozen pizza I ate before she was born and there was no turning back. I mean, they are really good, but seriously kid, what about some carrots, corn, broccoli, or some bell peppers? You mom works really hard to cook you homemade dinners each night. Doesn't that count for something?

When it comes to food, I suppose I could have it worse. She does enjoy some fruits. In fact, this summer I had to keep going to the grocery store to stock up on strawberries. In one week the three of us ate 12lb of them, with Kathryn eating the majority. She also loves grapes, oranges, bananas, and peaches. So you'd think I'd be happy with her love of fruit. Well, I'm not.

I've turned into the veggie/all-around-more-diverse-diet-police. So tell me it gets better? Until then, it looks like she's getting more pasta with marinara for lunch tomorrow. Again.

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  1. I have a super picky eater too. She sees through every veggie/fruit sneaky recipe I've ever made. They go through phases and whenever she eats something healthy I try to remember that for the week long mac n' cheese binge she goes on afterwards.