Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Day: 20 - My iNeed for an iPhone

Let's face it, no one actually needs an iPhone. But, if there were a person who really needed one, I'd like to think that this person would be me. Well, specifically a new iPhone.

I think this picture sums up my point:
My phone has looked like this for about 4 months (after an unfortunate case of falling out of my pocket as I exited my car) and I have patiently put up with it. I have also been very patient with the frustratingly slow speed of this phone. In the iPhone world, it's basically considered an antique.

The 3G is the second generation iPhone - it's two months shy of being four years old. There are apps on it that I haven't been able to use in over a year because it couldn't handle the newest operating system. Yeah, I know, all of these things aren't actual "problems", but you can imagine my excitement when I checked the inventory on Thursday evening at precisely 10 pm and I was lucky enough to claim an available phone.

Kathryn and I packed up the car this morning and made our way to the closest Apple Store (1hr 20 min drive) and I finally got to lay my patient hands on this gem:
K was so patient during the hour+ that we were in the Apple Store. So when we saw the carousel, I couldn't turn down her request to go for a ride. $2 bought pure joy this afternoon.
On our way home, we had to stop to do the weekly grocery shopping. While finding a parking spot, Kathryn saw the obnoxious grocery carts with the cars on the front. She totally called me out on my previous promise to her that the next time we went grocery shopping, I'd get one of those carts. Never have I seen a child so happy to be at the grocery store.
It's been a good Saturday. It's good to be home. It's good to re-join the technologically advanced world again (at least for a little while before something better comes out).


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