Monday, July 2, 2012

Project 52 - Week 23

I'm still catching up!

For week 23, I wanted (read: needed) to tackle some kitchen draws, which are not just any kitchen draws, they're Kathryn's favorite draws. She loves to grab a chair and help me in the kitchen any chance she gets. And by "help" I mean ignore what I'm doing and shuffle through draws, take things out, and maybe put them back. But I enjoy the company, so the mess that accompanies it is fine with me.

I finally had enough of the cluttered nightmare that I called kitchen draws and decided to go through them.
Draw #1
Draw #2
I was able to sift through items we no longer need and take some items out that can be better served by storing them somewhere else. Now that there's not as much "stuff" in the drawers, we'll see what kind of damage my little helper can do.


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