Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bare Minimum

I've decided that the month of July's theme is: Bare Minimum, which is honestly an exaggeration because it feels like the bare minimum would be an awesome accomplishment.

I'm teaching a summer class again, which means after working from 7:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m., I teach for three hours, three days a week and then for another hour of Friday's. On those three days I teach at night, E. J. keeps K up a bit longer so I can tuck her into bed when I get home around 8:30. Even if it's just for a few minutes, I soak up each second.

After my much-too-short time with Kathryn, I shower, and spend a few hours preparing for class the next day. The five to six hours of sleep I get each night just isn't cutting it.

The weekends aren't much different as they are filled with grading and preparing for class..again. The hardest part is that K doesn't understand why I'm doing "homework" (as she calls it) and not paying as much attention to her. How could you blame her?
Taking a break from work and doing some Sunday afternoon exploring
I realize that all of this sounds like a bunch of complaints. Yes, I'm tired. I actually want time to clean the house (crazy, right? but, THE HOUSE IS A DUMP), and of course, I wish there was more time to spend with K and E. J. after a busy work day/week.  I can't imagine how terrible things would be if E. J. wasn't doing so much to pick up the extra slack.

But there is a positive side. More teaching experience looks great on the resume and of course the extra money doesn't hurt either. Plus, it's only month, so it will be over in a flash. Only three weeks left!

I'm taking a few weeks off from Project 52, since it's not realistic to hold myself accountable for completing projects around the house when I'm just barely getting things done that have to be done. But I'll pick right back up in just a few weeks and do some major catching up.

For now, we're barely making it, but we're making it. Here's looking forward to August 6, the day I give my final exam and join my family again. Until then, I need to get back to class prep so I can at least sound like I know what I'm talking about tomorrow. If I could only be so lucky.


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