Friday, May 4, 2012


Two. How is it that two years ago, we welcomed this little bundle joy who is now growing into her own person. I know every parent can't believe how quickly time goes by and I'm right there with every other parent out there - I'm in shock.

Two years ago today we found out the nine month question: boy? or girl? Naturally, I now couldn't imagine having anyone but the sweet girl known as Kathryn.

*I love that she can communicate nearly anything to us now, but with better communication has also come the ability to "test" her limits, which she has already perfected. She's excellent at purposely ignoring us, but aren't most kids to their parents?

I think I mentioned in last month's post that she does this thing with her eyes that you really have to see in person. It's basically her way to say "I'm pretending that you're not telling me to do something I don't want to do and by closing my eyes you have disappeared, mom" while incorporating some major 'tude. It's hard to catch on camera, but these were the best I could do.

*Along with increased communication has come some one-liners that I needed to write down so I wouldn't forget...

Just today, I was holding Kathryn while we were playing around. Although I wouldn't consider her a biter, she will occasionally bite me when we're horsing around. I don't think she does it to be mean, but she'll get carried away and do it once in a while, but to me only. Hmmmmm. Anyway, she bit me today and after getting on to her I made a sad face and said how much that hurt mommy, to which she said (without hesitation): "Go to the doctor, mommy".

Pardon my French, because I say this with all the love in the world, but what a little sh*t!

After work a few weeks ago I was warning up some leftovers in the microwave. As the beep from the micro went off I told Kathryn that I was warming up some dinner. Her response: "Yes. I hear that, mommy". Who is this kid?

Last night, K put on E. J.'s work boots, took the flashlight from his gun belt, and told E. J.: "I'm going to work, Daddy". Someone wants to be just like her daddy.

My mother-in-law said that the past two mornings after dropping K at her house, Kathryn shuts the door after I leave, locks it, and says: "Go to work, mommy". Yes, ma'am.

*In the last month we've been transitioning K to her big girl bed (the twin bed in her room) although she has slept in it a few times, she has oddly been preferring her floor?

Speaking of bedtime, over the past few weeks this girl has come up with every excuse in the book, She'll come out anywhere from 5-15 times with a different excuse: "itchy", "water", "my kitty is crying" (her stuffed kitty that she sleeps with), "sick", "hurt", or she'll try to be really sneaky and slowly make her way to our room as she hides in different spots along the way.

The bedtime routine is also a little like a exercise routine because we're constantly walking back and fourth to her room to bring her back and turn off the light. I'm hoping this routine ends soon though.

*Speaking of routine, although she's not potty trained yet, like clockwork after each bath she tells me she has to go "pee pee".  I give her some toilet paper and she immediately tells me to "leave". I leave the bathroom, she gets up and completely closes and  lock the door, does her business, and when she's done brings me the little bucket to which I have the honor to clean up.

*K somehow always finds latex clothes that E. J. has in his work bag or others stashed away in the spare bedroom closet with some his other work supplies. She LOVES these things and will put them on, come up to you, touch your leg, arm, or face with them, say "sick" and begin to inspect you as if you have some sort of disease. We may have a doctor in the making...

*Although I was planning on ending Kathryn's month-by-month pictures, Kim convinced me to keep doing them and I'm glad she did. I'm not sure how many years I'll keep it up, but like Kim said, it would be so neat to have a flip book to see K grow over the years. I won't be posting monthly pictures anymore, but someday - years from now - I hope to make a cool video or flip book to see Kathryn grow each month. Thanks, Kim!
My sweet
 As always, there goes the bow

 Happy 2nd Birthday to the apple of my eye ;)


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