Monday, May 21, 2012

Check Up

It has already been about a week and a half since Kathryn's two year check-up. I put a ponytail in her hair before we left the house, which lasted about 5 minutes - longer than normal - but cute nonetheless.
She looks so grown up to me

K's appointment went really well. I was so proud of her! She happily sat there and let the doctor check her out as she smiled and intently observed what the doctor was doing. She even had her blood pressure taken with a tiny little cusp. She did great, but I was the idiot who couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't get over how she was just sitting there having her "muscles" checked out.

Stickers and lollipops are the best rewards from a visit to the doctor. She also reminded me,
 "hold hands in parking lots, mommy"
Two year stats: Weight: 31 lb (96th percentile) Height: 36 inches (97th percentile)

She's no peanut and I love it! Although we're not small people, her weight amazes me because she's not-so-great in the eating department lately. There are very few meals that she'll eat (pasta with marinara, chicken, raisins, and a few things here and there). Picky, picky! However, she'll eat "George Treats" like no body's business. "George Treats" refer to Curious George fruit snacks. They'll be a great incentive treat when we kick into potty training in full force soon.

Bedtime has been crazy time around here. As I've mentioned before, now that K is in her big girl bed, she was escaping her room for what seemed like ten thousand times a night before she fell asleep. Every time she came out there was a different excuse. For example, she came out of her room a couple of weeks ago telling me that she had a 'bowling pin' while barely able to lug this basket (below) that holds some stuffed animals and blankets from her room. She's a character.
In the last week, we've made some progress, but it has come with consequences. We've heard of other people who will change the lock to the outside of the the child's room so they can't escape and although this may work, we didn't think it was best for Kathryn. Plus, that seems kind of scary to be trapped in your room. So, we put the baby gate on her door, which has worked out pretty well...mostly.

We put the baby gate on at bedtime and then take it off once she has fallen asleep. She still opens her door but at least she's in her room and not constantly escaping. The gate is also a few inches off the ground, because Ms. K is more than capable to climb over that thing.

Yes, the gate is GREAT, but it also means that Kathryn is left alone in her room for at least an hour until she actually falls asleep. Alone = Kathryn the Demolition Demon.

She trashes her room EVERY NIGHT! We'll occassionally go in her room to check-up on the suspcious silence. Tonight was especially classic because she managed to get the baby swing out from her closet, set it up, and turn it on to automatically swing. There's so much happening in this picture that it's a bit overwhelming, but you get the idea.
So Kathryn's no longer escaping, she's just totally demolishing her room each night. I've moved quite a few things out that she shouldn't be getting those hands on, but I'm surprised every time when she finds something else that she doesn't need. For example, that curtain rod she managed to locate? What the heck!
Although her room may look like the local dump, she has been sleeping soundly in her bed since her second birthday, like the big two year old girl she is.


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