Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Birthday Weekend

This year we did a small birthday celebration for Kathryn. We also took advantage of keeping it simple while she's so young and won't remember it :).

Kathryn confidently requested pizza for her birthday dinner, which in my book was a dream since her birthday was on Friday (a work day) and we were able to eat dinner soon after getting home with no prep work. So, a big thank you to the birthday girl for giving mommy a gift, too!
Kathryn decided to go right for the presents after dinner. Her new F350 and mega horse trailer thanks to grandma and grandpa (who were also there to join us!).
Every country girl needs her own farm set
I'm not sure who's more at fault; Target for spelling "Happy" incorrectly on the birthday sign or me for being too lazy to fix it. Errrr....

The big 2!!!

Trying to take a mommy and me picture together to document the day...
What a face

We had to make a trip to Toys R' Us on Saturday because naturally we waited until the night before to assemble K's birthday gift (a bike) and E. J. noticed that it was missing a crucial part. So, Kathryn found a seat and made herself comfortable. She insisted on wearing the hat all day.
The rest of the weekend consisted of playing with her new pony, Lucky, from her grandparents. She seriously loves this thing! She'll walk into the house and say "Hi, Lucky, I'm here!!" It's mouth even moves when it talks/sings songs. Right up her alley!
Still getting the hang of her new bike from us - finally assembled after picking up the missing part
Post-nap face. All this playing requires lots of resting.
 Look who's sleeping in her big girl bed consistently since her b'day weekend
Second birthday was a success! Cannot believe she's two already...


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