Monday, May 28, 2012

Project 52 - Week 19

Kids totally have the right idea: grow out of clothes each season so you can buy the latest fashion for the next season. It's been in the back on my mind to have another closet clean out to weed out her winter clothes and organize her summer clothes, because it doesn't look like we'll dip below 90 before October at this point.

Due to K's latest 'thing' of trashing her room before she goes to sleep (as seen in my last post) , Kathryn expanded her horizons into her closet, and boy did she deliver.
Ta da!
On a side note, I am happy to report that using the baby gate in her room this past week has been quite successful and she has toned down her trashing efforts in her room.

I really can't believe that I was packing up another group of clothes again. Goodbye 18 month, 24 month, and 2T clothes. Only 3T + sizes are in K's closet now. All the bags have made their way to the spare bedroom closet again. Although there are at least 2 bags that have "special" labeled on them, meaning I'll never get rid of them.
The finished product and my little helper, looking ever-so-innocent
Taking bets on how long this will last...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Check Up

It has already been about a week and a half since Kathryn's two year check-up. I put a ponytail in her hair before we left the house, which lasted about 5 minutes - longer than normal - but cute nonetheless.
She looks so grown up to me

K's appointment went really well. I was so proud of her! She happily sat there and let the doctor check her out as she smiled and intently observed what the doctor was doing. She even had her blood pressure taken with a tiny little cusp. She did great, but I was the idiot who couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't get over how she was just sitting there having her "muscles" checked out.

Stickers and lollipops are the best rewards from a visit to the doctor. She also reminded me,
 "hold hands in parking lots, mommy"
Two year stats: Weight: 31 lb (96th percentile) Height: 36 inches (97th percentile)

She's no peanut and I love it! Although we're not small people, her weight amazes me because she's not-so-great in the eating department lately. There are very few meals that she'll eat (pasta with marinara, chicken, raisins, and a few things here and there). Picky, picky! However, she'll eat "George Treats" like no body's business. "George Treats" refer to Curious George fruit snacks. They'll be a great incentive treat when we kick into potty training in full force soon.

Bedtime has been crazy time around here. As I've mentioned before, now that K is in her big girl bed, she was escaping her room for what seemed like ten thousand times a night before she fell asleep. Every time she came out there was a different excuse. For example, she came out of her room a couple of weeks ago telling me that she had a 'bowling pin' while barely able to lug this basket (below) that holds some stuffed animals and blankets from her room. She's a character.
In the last week, we've made some progress, but it has come with consequences. We've heard of other people who will change the lock to the outside of the the child's room so they can't escape and although this may work, we didn't think it was best for Kathryn. Plus, that seems kind of scary to be trapped in your room. So, we put the baby gate on her door, which has worked out pretty well...mostly.

We put the baby gate on at bedtime and then take it off once she has fallen asleep. She still opens her door but at least she's in her room and not constantly escaping. The gate is also a few inches off the ground, because Ms. K is more than capable to climb over that thing.

Yes, the gate is GREAT, but it also means that Kathryn is left alone in her room for at least an hour until she actually falls asleep. Alone = Kathryn the Demolition Demon.

She trashes her room EVERY NIGHT! We'll occassionally go in her room to check-up on the suspcious silence. Tonight was especially classic because she managed to get the baby swing out from her closet, set it up, and turn it on to automatically swing. There's so much happening in this picture that it's a bit overwhelming, but you get the idea.
So Kathryn's no longer escaping, she's just totally demolishing her room each night. I've moved quite a few things out that she shouldn't be getting those hands on, but I'm surprised every time when she finds something else that she doesn't need. For example, that curtain rod she managed to locate? What the heck!
Although her room may look like the local dump, she has been sleeping soundly in her bed since her second birthday, like the big two year old girl she is.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Project 52 - Week 18

Today was one of those rare, but completely great days. I went 'into town' and cashed in my Mother's Day massage that Kathryn gave me. She's so thoughtful, isn't she? It was glorious! 

Then, I finally got a hair cut. By 'finally' I mean, it's been nearly a year since my last trim and I was well overdue. I walked out of the salon with my hair 6 inches shorter and I felt a million times better. Of course, I was quickly brought back to reality after all that pampering and concluded my 'me time' with a trip to the grocery store. 

After a fun day, I decided have a productive evening and took on a project: the other bathroom cabinet (continued from last week). I wish I could say our bathroom organizing was over, but there are still three (cluttered) draws to tackle. For now, I've made some progress...
Hot mess
Weeding out
Looking much more acceptable
 I'm pretty sure one person doesn't have a need for the seven contact cases I found. Just sayin'.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project 52 - Week 17

What is it with draws and cabinets in my house? They're a disaster! So, this week I tackled the bathroom cabinet under my sink.
See why I needed to take on this project? Yeah, disaster...
 Turns out, I own THREE cans of hairspray, yet I can probably count on my hands how many times I've used the stuff. So I think I'm set...for the rest of my life. 
Looking much more acceptable!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Birthday Weekend

This year we did a small birthday celebration for Kathryn. We also took advantage of keeping it simple while she's so young and won't remember it :).

Kathryn confidently requested pizza for her birthday dinner, which in my book was a dream since her birthday was on Friday (a work day) and we were able to eat dinner soon after getting home with no prep work. So, a big thank you to the birthday girl for giving mommy a gift, too!
Kathryn decided to go right for the presents after dinner. Her new F350 and mega horse trailer thanks to grandma and grandpa (who were also there to join us!).
Every country girl needs her own farm set
I'm not sure who's more at fault; Target for spelling "Happy" incorrectly on the birthday sign or me for being too lazy to fix it. Errrr....

The big 2!!!

Trying to take a mommy and me picture together to document the day...
What a face

We had to make a trip to Toys R' Us on Saturday because naturally we waited until the night before to assemble K's birthday gift (a bike) and E. J. noticed that it was missing a crucial part. So, Kathryn found a seat and made herself comfortable. She insisted on wearing the hat all day.
The rest of the weekend consisted of playing with her new pony, Lucky, from her grandparents. She seriously loves this thing! She'll walk into the house and say "Hi, Lucky, I'm here!!" It's mouth even moves when it talks/sings songs. Right up her alley!
Still getting the hang of her new bike from us - finally assembled after picking up the missing part
Post-nap face. All this playing requires lots of resting.
 Look who's sleeping in her big girl bed consistently since her b'day weekend
Second birthday was a success! Cannot believe she's two already...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project 52 - Week 16

This week I completed a seemingly simple, but necessary task. In order to maintain the life of my makeup brushes, they need to be cleaned (which needs to be done more frequently than I have in a while). I finally took the time to take care of my most-used brushes, which have now become the color of my blush and eye shadow. Probably not a good thing.

After shampooing them in some more water (mild baby shampoo works best), they're looking more like new - or as close to new as 6 years of use will do to them!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Two. How is it that two years ago, we welcomed this little bundle joy who is now growing into her own person. I know every parent can't believe how quickly time goes by and I'm right there with every other parent out there - I'm in shock.

Two years ago today we found out the nine month question: boy? or girl? Naturally, I now couldn't imagine having anyone but the sweet girl known as Kathryn.

*I love that she can communicate nearly anything to us now, but with better communication has also come the ability to "test" her limits, which she has already perfected. She's excellent at purposely ignoring us, but aren't most kids to their parents?

I think I mentioned in last month's post that she does this thing with her eyes that you really have to see in person. It's basically her way to say "I'm pretending that you're not telling me to do something I don't want to do and by closing my eyes you have disappeared, mom" while incorporating some major 'tude. It's hard to catch on camera, but these were the best I could do.

*Along with increased communication has come some one-liners that I needed to write down so I wouldn't forget...

Just today, I was holding Kathryn while we were playing around. Although I wouldn't consider her a biter, she will occasionally bite me when we're horsing around. I don't think she does it to be mean, but she'll get carried away and do it once in a while, but to me only. Hmmmmm. Anyway, she bit me today and after getting on to her I made a sad face and said how much that hurt mommy, to which she said (without hesitation): "Go to the doctor, mommy".

Pardon my French, because I say this with all the love in the world, but what a little sh*t!

After work a few weeks ago I was warning up some leftovers in the microwave. As the beep from the micro went off I told Kathryn that I was warming up some dinner. Her response: "Yes. I hear that, mommy". Who is this kid?

Last night, K put on E. J.'s work boots, took the flashlight from his gun belt, and told E. J.: "I'm going to work, Daddy". Someone wants to be just like her daddy.

My mother-in-law said that the past two mornings after dropping K at her house, Kathryn shuts the door after I leave, locks it, and says: "Go to work, mommy". Yes, ma'am.

*In the last month we've been transitioning K to her big girl bed (the twin bed in her room) although she has slept in it a few times, she has oddly been preferring her floor?

Speaking of bedtime, over the past few weeks this girl has come up with every excuse in the book, She'll come out anywhere from 5-15 times with a different excuse: "itchy", "water", "my kitty is crying" (her stuffed kitty that she sleeps with), "sick", "hurt", or she'll try to be really sneaky and slowly make her way to our room as she hides in different spots along the way.

The bedtime routine is also a little like a exercise routine because we're constantly walking back and fourth to her room to bring her back and turn off the light. I'm hoping this routine ends soon though.

*Speaking of routine, although she's not potty trained yet, like clockwork after each bath she tells me she has to go "pee pee".  I give her some toilet paper and she immediately tells me to "leave". I leave the bathroom, she gets up and completely closes and  lock the door, does her business, and when she's done brings me the little bucket to which I have the honor to clean up.

*K somehow always finds latex clothes that E. J. has in his work bag or others stashed away in the spare bedroom closet with some his other work supplies. She LOVES these things and will put them on, come up to you, touch your leg, arm, or face with them, say "sick" and begin to inspect you as if you have some sort of disease. We may have a doctor in the making...

*Although I was planning on ending Kathryn's month-by-month pictures, Kim convinced me to keep doing them and I'm glad she did. I'm not sure how many years I'll keep it up, but like Kim said, it would be so neat to have a flip book to see K grow over the years. I won't be posting monthly pictures anymore, but someday - years from now - I hope to make a cool video or flip book to see Kathryn grow each month. Thanks, Kim!
My sweet
 As always, there goes the bow

 Happy 2nd Birthday to the apple of my eye ;)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

She's Going To Bed... one year old, and waking up as a two year old.

Ack! I can't take it!!