Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

The saying, 'what a difference a year makes' is no joke when it comes to kids and holidays. Kathryn was full of excitement as we 'prepped' her for the Easter Bunny two days before his arrival.

Around 7 a.m. on Easter morning we heard her bedroom door open. E. J. quickly got up to meet Kathryn in the hallway and she immediately said to E. J. "eat moon ('moon' = more) chocolate". When we got to her room, we were greeted by Hersey Kisses wrappers on her bed and floor. Looks like she was smarter than we thought and found the trail of Easter eggs that E. J. had made the night before and chowed down on some chocolate before she came to get us!
After cleaning up the candy wrappers, we led Kathryn to her Easter basket which was hidden in the coat closet next to a half eaten carrot that the Easter Bunny had munched on. She immediately examined everything in her basket from candy, the movie "Hop", and some new big girl plates and silverware. The candy is mostly for mom and dad to share :).

Loading up her loot into the shopping cart to transport to her room

Later in the afternoon we had Easter lunch followed by the first Egg Hunt of the day. Kathryn even found the 'golden egg' with some cash in it (all together, she found $9.50 in cash, which she promptly put in her piggy bank) She has a BLAST!
Naturally, she had to get some time on a tractor
Later that afternoon, E. J.'s mom had another Easter Egg hunt for some kids in the family as well as some friends. It was a fun afternoon for her filled with running around and playing - a little girl's dream.
It wouldn't be a fun time without throwing rocks in a pond
Happy Easter!!


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