Wednesday, April 4, 2012

23 Months

Really, 23 months? I don't know how we're month away from the big "2". It's exciting and a little sad all at once, but I can say that we're enjoying every moment of this ride that she's bringing us along.
Here she is being E. J.'s twin when he was her age:
 23 months has marked some exciting changes:

*Major speech developments. She's now capable of speaking in 3 to 4 word sentences
*In the past few weeks she went from saying "yeah" to "yes"
*"BOOYAH" is one of her favorite terms, which she actually uses in the right context (we think she picked it up from a commercial she overheard!)
*"Oh my goodness"and "of course" are some other favorite phrases
*"Dinner ready" is her automatic response to the stove timer or microwave beeping
 *When she uses the potty, she insists that you leave the bathroom. She will ensure the door is closed and normally locked so she can have privacy.
*Her mini-toilet also doubles as a stool for when she brushes her teeth, which she moves to a very specific spot each time.
*She constantly speaks of measuring and painting - more to come on that later when I update from my parent's visit.
*She's wearing size 3T and 4T clothes and a size 6 diaper. Lately it seems like 4T fits more comfortably. But, let's be honest, she didn't have much of a chance to be a little peanut.
 *Kathryn's eyes are very telling. She does this thing that I can't catch on camera - she basically tries to ignore you by looking waaaaayyy off to the side, making it look like they're almost closed. She's quite the little actress.

And finally, last night I went into Kathryn's room after she had been talking in her room for over an hour while "trying" to go to sleep. I brought the video camera in since she was in a talkative mood and asked her about her current career as a doctor, since she hangs out with a veterinarian everyday (a.k.a. my mother-in-law) and that lead into some more conversation. 

I'll be cherishing this 23rd month and soaking up every last bit of "1".


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