Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project 52 - Week 9...umm??

Sorry, folks. I just couldn't do a project this weekend. I tried, I swear, but I just couldn't make myself get off the couch and be productive.

We left Saturday morning to attend my good friend/co-worker's wedding in San Antonio. The drive was easy, we checked into our room, dressed for the wedding, and E. J. dropped me off to attend the ceremony (since we had Kathryn with us, E. J. and K didn't attend at the risk of her even making a peep).

The reception was a blast! I even got to see my friend Annah from college, whom I hadn't seen since our wedding!
Kathryn danced the night away, at least until 8 p.m. when she decided it was time to go or else she was going to cause a scene.
We said our goodbye's and headed out to the truck. The valet then came back to us and said that the truck wouldn't start. What is it about San Antonio and us having bad luck? With no jumper cables to be find, we had to wait.

We accidentally left the tiny portable fridge on in E. J.'s truck that we kept some drinks and Kathryn's milk in. Great...

After being told by AAA that they would be there in 45 minutes, they showed up after 1.5 hours. Frustrating, yes. More frustrating when you have a tired little girl on your hands.

K and I hung out in the car for a little while and listened to the radio since we couldn't drain the battery any more than it had been. Kathryn had enough at one point and decided she was totally tired and coming down with a cold. The crying started and she wouldn't allow herself to calm down.
Tired and unamused
A few minutes later she puked all over herself and the car seat. That nasty smell of sour milk permeated that truck. I cleaned her off and the car seat as best as I could. AAA finally showed up to jump the vehicle. Thank GAWD!

We made it back to the hotel at 10 p.m., gave K a bath and she was sleeping by 11 p.m. We fell asleep around midnight in the cozy hotel bed. Sleep felt great. Just 40 minutes later, we were suddenly awake at the sound of Kathryn's little cry, which turned into big cries. We were able to hear two babies that she woke up...I'm sure we made some friends that night.

We tried to calm her down in her bed, but I think she was just frustrated with her congestion which may have been mixed in with a bad dream. As I was fumbling around trying to turn the light on, Kathryn threw up all over our bed. Soon after, I realized I unplugged the light to plug in my phone charger, so when I turned the light on, the smell matched the sight.

A 1 a.m. call to housekeeping wasn't how we were hoping the night would end, but our sheets were soon changed and we were all sleeping about 30 minutes later. Finally, we were sleeping for good and it was glorious.

She had gone through all of her extra clothes, but insisted she wear a shirt to bed. So I just threw on the shirt she had worn the day before, which worked as good as anything.
What a difference some sleep makes
The next morning we headed out to brunch where Kathryn was happy - still sick - but feeling more like herself.
Dancing to the mariachi music
On our way home, Kathryn showed off her new word "throw-up" as she pinched her nose. It was a learning experience for all of us :). We made our way home, all so very tired, but it felt so great to walk into the house and crash.
So do you forgive me for not doing a project this week? Pretty please? Thanks a bunch - I'll make it up, I promise!


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