Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project 52 - Week 12

This week's project is by far the most embarrassing photos for me to post in this series. I have been dreading doing this particular project for a while, but I decided to suck it up this week and just get it over with, or at least begin the process of cleaning out the closet in our bedroom.

This closet was one of the reasons I originally loved our house. It's spacious and although I could easily fill up the entire space with my stuff, it suits us both well.

Seriously, I can't believe I'm even sharing these pictures. If it means anything to you, there is no other place in our house that is even remotely this bad. Please forgive me and swear you won't judge me? No really, I mean it...
I really don't have a good explanation for this mess other than time just getting away from me. And yes, I'm mostly to blame as the majority of this nightmare consists of my stuff.
I took a couple of hours Saturday night and some time today going through piles, organizing, and throwing out some junk that was just lying around.

Kathryn came in the closet after her nap, spun around, and said "OH MY GOODNESS!".Gee, thanks for reminding mommy how bad it was, K.
This was all just for the floor level. Next week I'm moving to the top shelf and then eventually moving on to organizing clothes by the season.


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