Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project 52 - Week 10

This post was originally written on Sunday, March 10, however, I never actually posted it until today (the 17th) because I was too occupied enjoying my parent's visit to Texas!

This week has been crazy busy preparing for my parent's arrival. Crazy in a great way, though. Like the saying goes; nothing motivates you to clean quite like company, which proved to be true this week. I've been occupied with getting the deep cleaning done around the house and have been semi-successful. So while I was cleaning, I decided to take on a project.

I decided to tackle our laundry room. Eh, not the most fun activity, but it had to be done, obviously.
As if doing laundry wasn't painful enough, it's definitely no fun in a room that's hideous.
But with a little TLC, it's in better shape. Phew!


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