Friday, March 23, 2012

I'll Probably Regret Saying This, But...

For a few minutes last night, Kathryn actually drank some milk from a sippy cup.

As you may have read, my daughter has a raging addiction to drinking milk (only) out of a bottle. It's so bad that I'm on the verge of proposing a new show to the A&E folks who produce 'Intervention' to start toddler edition.

We had a serious bath time talk about how 'big girls' use a sippy cup and she was in complete agreement. Dare I say, even excited to drink her milk out of a sippy cup?

She didn't drink much, but I'm happy that she tried doing it some more than our failed attemps in the past.

Obviously, I had to document this big deal of a night. And yes, I look like a crazy lady, but these are the types of things that excite me lately.


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