Thursday, February 9, 2012


Tired. It sums up how we have all felt this week. Kathryn is teething big time. She has 8 teeth coming in (some have already broken through her gums and others are just about to come through). She's in pain, tired, hungry (she's not eating much because it "hawts" to eat).

E. J. and I are just mainly tired. K decided to wake up at 4:45 a.m. one morning this week and then other nights have included multiple wake-ups. She's not really high maintenance when she wakes up, but it definitely takes its toll on us, kind of like having a newborn again.

She even fell asleep on E. J. after he got home from work on Monday - completely unlike her.
It hasn't been all tears and sleepless nights around here. I haven't been able to capture many pictures of her this week because she thinks it's funny to move quickly away from the camera when I'm about to take a picture. Pretty much every picture I have of her this week looks a lot like this:
She happily ventured out to spend some time with the horses while at her grandma's this week.
This is my favorite picture - the stare down
Tucked into bed for the night with her entourage. We're all hoping for a good night's sleep.
Happy Friday!


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