Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 52 - Week 7

Rather than continuing with last week's project, I had to take on Kathryn's closet. Had to. I mentioned a few weeks ago that after spending about 5 unsupervised minutes in her room, she completely tore apart her closet.
Exhibit A
I had all of her clothes organized by size, but Kathryn wanted her closet decorated differently. UGH! Although I have been annoyed at the pile for 2 weeks now, I haven't had the time to completely dedicate to it, until now.
Beginning to tackle the pile
Besides the fact that you couldn't set foot in her closet without standing on a pile of clothes, it was good and bad to reorganize everything. 'Good' because there's more space (at least in her closet - now I have to figure out where to put the bags), 'bad' because it was actually quite sad going through teeny tiny outfits and remembering when K was a mere newborn and everything was brand new.
In progress with my helper who was ready to walk though every pile I made :)
Everything from the closet floor now neatly folded and labeled by size
Her closet is now looking better on the surface, but it only made me realize that I need to do some more weeding out. I was especially reminded today when she was walking around in a pair of 2T pants which overnight have become high-waters on her. It's already time to move to the next size...


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