Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project 52 - Week 5

Drawers. What is it about them that just call for junk to be collected in every corner...and then some. Drawers will most definitely be a reoccurring theme throughout the year, if you know what I mean.

To be honest, I really didn't want to do any extra projects around the house this weekend. We had flash floods on Friday evening which brought in a cold front on Saturday. The rain was much needed, but so much at one time resulted in our front yard becoming a mud yard. With it finally feeling like winter (last week was nearing 80 almost everyday - gross) all I wanted to do was hang around and be lazy.

So I finally got off my butt at 8 p.m. this evening and decided to tackle my nightstand. It definitely needed to face lift.
So back to the point of this: Drawers.
Need a closer look? My top drawer - the worst offender
Yes, you are seeing correctly, there are two (actually more beneath the pile) York Peppermint Patty wrappers in there. Don't judge.

I went through piles of old receipts, nail polish, creams, medicine, retainers, and found about 20 of my favorite type of hair elastics. That's where they were hiding! (No - the cat was not in any of my drawers)
A much more ladylike nightstand
As much as I hated doing any sort of organizing this weekend, it is nice to open up my nightstand and be able to find what I'm looking for instead of being greeted by old candy wrappers.

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