Monday, February 13, 2012


With Kathryn's teething in full force this weekend (hello, she had 8 teeth coming in) we needed all the distractions we could find to get her mind off the pain in her mouth.

So what better distraction is there than the great outdoors?! It was a gloomy, cool weekend - perfect to escape from the indoors into the fresh air. We ventured off and took advantage of exploring our own 'backyard' - the pasture.
Instead of using the 'green machine' to drive and feed some of the horses, E. J. carried a bucket containing their food and we took a family walk. Our walk turned into an exploration for the perfect rocks to throw in the ponds - a favorite pastime of Kathryn's every since my dad opened her eyes to the exciting activity of rock thorwing this summer in New Hampshire.
Even though we play outside with Kathryn often, there was just something extra special about this family 'adventure'. It was good for all of us.
A quick visit to say 'hello' to the chickens
Things are looking up with teething, for now. K's back to sleeping through the night! (I think we're more excited about that one than she is)
Always exploring new fashion options
Whether it's high heels or cowboy boots, so looks great
Have a great week, y'all!


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