Saturday, February 4, 2012

21 Months

K officially hit 21 months today and it makes me so happy to see what a little girl she is becoming. Geez you're getting so big, Kathryn.
I love that you are usually a happy little lady, unless of course when you don't get your way. You really have the whole stomping-your-feet-thing down to get your point across. Too bad your mommy and daddy are pros at not giving in right away.
Although, we don't last that long since you're learning to say "sowry". I don't care what you do, if you say "sowry" I'm a pile of mush.
You're still not into bows or ponytails in your hair. Most likely because I never really put them in your hair when you were really little, so now they're probably an annoyance to you. That's ok though, a bow doesn't make you girlier or prettier. You can wear them when you want to - if you want to.
You are incredibly sensitive and I love that about you. You are totally your daddy's daughter when it comes to animals. I have never seen someone be so excited to see a cat, a dog, a cow, a horse, or even a turkey.
We went to your first kid's birthday party on you 21st month birthday (friends of ours have a daughter who just turned two). While all the other kids were chasing the family's cat, you were the only one who went up to it and gently pet the kitty and of course gave it a kiss.
Goodie bag!
You've been asking at least once a day for the last week to use the potty - it's more like "pee pee!, pee pee!" as you grab your diaper and run to the bathroom. You really seem to be taking the lead on this one, so if you want to self-potty train, we're cool with that ;).
Rockin' the one knee-high look
Happy 21 months, sweet girl. You're the best.


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