Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 52 - Week 4

We just got back from a weekend out-of-state (more on that later!). Knowing that we wouldn't get back until late tonight, I did this weeks' project last weekend so I could keep on track without being home this weekend.

Although quite simple, I needed to tackle this next project. Soon after Kathryn was born while my parents were visiting, my mom had the genius idea to have a cabinet for all-things-Kathryn. So all-things-Kathryn were stored in there from then on so they were easily accessible and organized. Although lately, her cabinet has been looking a lot like this:
I think it's been looking like a baby supplies dumping ground because she has outgrown a lot of the supplies in the cabinet and we really haven't used many of them lately.
Bottles, bottles everywhere
A note to new mom's: Don't bother buying the expensive bottles before you have your child thinking that you're doing the best thing for them. Only if your child really needs the Dr. Brown bottles that consist of approximately 150 parts, then purchase them. Otherwise, I highly recommend the cheap-o bottles that were just perfect for Kathryn.

See the bottle with the green top in the middle of the picture above? 3 bottles for $6. Thanks, Gerber! Just because they're cheap doesn't mean they come laced with a layer of asbestos. Their just as good as the others and have held up tremendously.

As I was putting all the bottles away, I figured it was also time to get rid of her bottle dryer. It's been a permanent fixture on our counter top for the past 20 months and honestly, it's a little sad to see it go.
After packing away much of the cabinet, Kathryn's stuff has been condensed to just one shelf consisting of her "big girl" items: bowls, sippy cups, and some snacks. The other shelf is now home to "The Magic Bullet".
It's nice to have condensed and cleaned out this cabinet, but it was a big reminder that there's definitely not a baby living in our house anymore.


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