Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project 52 - Week 3

Piles. Are they a rising epidemic in your house like they are in mine? Ugh. Hopefully I'm not alone. They annoy me to no end. Often, I don't end up doing anything about them because I'm so overwhelmed as to where I would even start.

But, that's what Project 52: Cluttered House to Simplified Home is all about - tackling those less than desirable projects (although so far, I'm so happy to have completed each project). This week's project, although fairly simple, makes me feel a million times better.

I mentioned in my previous post that last week was really busy at work and left me with no energy by the time I got home. In just one week, our kitchen island went from "eh, there are some piles, but I can live with it" to this:
Disaster zone
What is it about kitchen counter tops that just calls for excess mail, keys, scissors, tape, a random hammer, packets of gum, etc. to be accumulated on this area? I don't know what it is, but it needs to stop in our house.
I went through each item and separated everything into piles. See that middle pile? It's all TRASH!
I love getting rid of excess stuff and this case was no exception. Everything that needed to be kept is now in its designated spot. Coming home to a clean counter top will be so much more pleasant.
And dinner is in the crock pot, too (as seen on the counter). I'm trying out this recipe from one of my favorite Web sites (thanks, Kim!). I think I'll make my serving with some spaghetti squash - yum! Plus it makes a ton so we'll have leftovers and I'll probably freeze some for a easy future-meal.


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