Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project 52 - Week 2

This week's disaster clean-up was all on me. Meaning, I'm the reason for this mess:
As the main cook of the house, along with my love for baking, I spend a lot of time grabbing ingredients out of the pantry and then carelessly throwing them back in the pantry. It doesn't take long for an unorganized nightmare to build up and all of the sudden I can't even find one of the three bags of confectionery sugar. (Yeah, I discovered that one along with four jars of one needs that much paprika).

To start, I completely unloaded the pantry.
Who knew the pantry held so much food
Emptied and scrubbed top to bottom
Then I categorized and put everything that belonged into its place. It may not look perfect, but to me, it's a world of difference. I'm all about keeping it this way and being more careful about hastily throwing food back in there carelessly.
It was great to take inventory, trash expired food, and reorganize everything, because let's face it, the cleanup had to be done.

Another project completed, another fresh start.

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