Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday - Sweet Relief

I'm going to say it as if I was getting ready to watch Steve Urkel and Full House - TGIF! It's been one of those weeks where I'm ready for bed as soon as I arrive home from work. This week, although only a 4-days, has been trying and exhausting at work.

I'm ready to make it through the day, enjoy some homemade pizza tonight, and then even though the house is a wreck right now, I'm going to ignore it and get into my most favorite stretchy pants, over sized shirt, and watch a movie with my husband tonight. Bliss.

We've all had one of "those weeks" and this week happened to be one of "them" for me. So as soon as I drop off K at her grandma's house, I'll be counting down the minutes until I can see this face again.
So for the love of God, Friday, be easy on me! Hello, Weekend!