Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Catching up

I needed to unload some pictures from my phone, so I thought I'd share some from the past week. Kathryn is becoming a little girl right before our eyes as she grows and changes each day. Her vocabulary is increasing by the minute and her personality is bursting as she becomes her own person.
She loves her pasta,
ruby red shiny shoes,
and her handmade hat from Aunt Kim
I mentioned here that E. J. and Kathryn LOVE hiding and scaring each other. These are the lengths he'll go to in order to scare her (see below - he's hiding in the storage space in her room above her closet). She LOVES it! Whenever she enters into a room she yells "BOO!" to scare us.
Apparently Kathryn heard that I'm doing a project each week and decided to create one for me in her closet.
It only took a few minutes and then we realized that things were suspiciously quiet. The clothes she has outgrown where in pile, but she took it upon herself to rearrange them a little differently. All I could do was laugh because I couldn't get mad at that face.

E. J. got home from work early last Friday and took some videos with his phone while they were playing outside. They're a little grainy and short, but cute to share.
The Goose Chaser (yeah, she's nothing like me when it comes to stuff like this)
Giving dad a hug


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