Wednesday, January 4, 2012

20 Months

Well, hello 20 months! You certainly snuck up on us. Poor Kathryn has been sick for about half of the month, but she's finally on the mend and now recovering from a cough/cold thingy.
Even with being sick and not acting like herself (including not eating very well), she managed to grow a full inch from last month. 34 1/2 inches!
Our toddler is turning into a little girl - a silly and playful one. She loves to hide and surprise us with an enthusiastic "boo". She also loves to be scared! E. J. and her have fun hiding from each other and scaring the crap out of one another.
Much to my surprise, while we were running errands during my Christmas break we were at a stop light and K pointed and said "E" and "O" as she looked at the WElls "FargO" sign. Who says tv isn't good for kids?! Ha!
Since then, she continues to point out a few letters and say them correctly in "real life" scenarios or if she's watching Sesame Street/Super Why. She's also taking a shot at colors too, most things are blue or orange. Eh, whatever works.
She has also become quite the copycat. She imitates our actions and she's definitely trying to repeat words/phrases that come out of our mouths. Time to be careful with what we say out loud!
She's a total goofball. Incredibly expressive! (Everything is emotion filled) A major girl (she loves to make both mommy and daddy's hair "pretty" by brushing it". A joy. An animal lover. A sweet little lady.
Semi-posing with a tired mommy who had a long day at work functioning on 5 hrs sleep
Happy 20 months, Kathryn!


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