Tuesday, January 10, 2012

20 Month Tid-Bits

After writing Kathryn's 20 month post, I realized there were a few things I left out about what Kathryn has been up to lately, so I needed to write them down before they escaped my mind .
*For the last 2 months she's been in a size 5 diaper

*She's in nothing less than a 2T and even wears some 3T. Amazing that she's growing so much despite being a pesky eater...

*She went from calling me "mama" originally, then a month ago it was "mom", now it's "mommy". It melts my heart.
Helping dad over the weekend
*Her manners are coming along! Whenever she wants something, we just say "what do you say" and she responds with "peassss" (please). We're just working on saying "thank you". If I say, "now can say 'thank you', her response is "welcome". We're getting there.

*I had my first 'mortified-mom-moment' in Target over Christmas break. While she was in the bathroom stall with me, let's just say the lady in the next stall over had some...gas. After hearing it, Kathryn looked at me with a disgusted face and screamed "EEWWWW! YUCK". So yeah, we quickly exited the bathroom.

Something tells me this isn't the first or worst moment like this that we'll have...

*This weekend, I was glued to my laptop looking for an air conditioner repair company. While I was dealing with a broken air conditioner when E. J. was at work, Kathryn was dancing around with her new guitar. She was spinning around to the music and then I heard a smack and a scream. Kathryn lost her balance fell into fireplace mantle. Immediately, this egg formed on her forehead.
Poor thing. After the initial shock, a bit of crying, a ton of Googling on my behalf to determine if she needed to go to the hospital, things ended up some smiles. K also lucked out and got to stay up super late so we could ensure that she was okay. Phew!

I can definitely tell we're in for even more changes this month as she grows more in so many ways.


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