Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just Another Weeknight

Who else is ecstatic that tomorrow is Friday? I am! But really, how is it already December?

My planner is suddenly filling up faster than I can seem to write my to-do list. With a bunch of errands to run, Christmas gift-buying to finish up, Christmas cards to start (yes, start), baking bunches of goodies (although that's a fun one for me), it doesn't seem like things slow down a bit until the start of the new year.

While I love all the hustle and excitement of the holidays, I really needed to sit back for a moment tonight and just appreciate the moment, specifically, Kathryn moments. After a long day of work, these are the best moments of my day.

After getting home, K ran around outside for a while. It was especially fun for her to run around in the dark to show off her new light-up shoes. Obviously, I need to change the shutter speed on my camera because the flashes on her shoes aren't exactly matching up, although it looks pretty neat!
The rest of the night was our normal routine:
Bath time
Being highly concerned about dental hygiene
She recently found her old bathtub and enjoys playing in it (whatever works)...with galoshes on
And of course brushing those teeth before bed
Happy Friday, all!

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  1. She's way too cute! Love those leopard pants, gotta find them in my size!