Sunday, December 4, 2011

19 Months

Hello, 19 months! Like past months, I can't believe we're here - just 5 months from 2 years old, but I won't get ahead of myself and just focus on "the now".

We can definitely see more and more of K's personality come out. She's funny, feisty, smart, and sassy. She constantly amazes me.

In the world of Kathryn, most things are identified as "yuck". She loves than word, even when it's not necessary.
She is definitely sensitive creature. Whether we drop an item or she catches something happen on television, it's always followed with an "oh no".
Other new words that comes to mind:
No way
Milk - *more to come on that annoying one
All done
Baby (all children are known as "baby")
Choo Choo (when we hear a train)

Most importantly, she can say "yes" if we ask her to, however, she doesn't really use it as a response. Why says "yes" when you can say "no" to everything is really what I think her philosophy is.

We're also working on "please" and "thank you"...she can say them, we're just working on when.

As far as eating goes, Kathryn has turned into quite the picky eater, which is driving me a little crazy since I fed her a wide healthy variety of all sorts of food when she was younger. If it was up to her, she'd eat pizza, french fries, and anything with pasta, sauce, and cheese every night.
We do what we can to sneak in the good-for-her foods, although before she eats anything, she'll give it a good smell and decide whether it's worthy to put in her mouth or not. It's funny and annoying all at the same time.
*More about the milk. She is driving us insane with the milk/bottle situation. This girl will drink water and juice out of a sippy cup with no problem, but the moment you put milk in it, she refuses, walks to the fridge and says "milk"...meaning, she wants it in a bottle. She's a smarty pants.

Here I thought we were so lucky that K never had an interest in pacifiers so we wouldn't have to worry about weaning her off one and now she's a milk-bottle addict.

Really, it's not the end of the world, but we're trying to break the addition.
Sucking on the damn bottle in front of the height chart E. J. put up this weekend
It's not official unless you measure with a tissue box - 33 1/2 inches!
Of course, her love of dancing and music gets stronger each day. Currently, "Moves Like Jagger" is her favorite song and she can't help but to dance the moment the song comes on. In the picture below, the song was playing in the car and her hands couldn't be stopped from keepin' the beat.
Happy 19 months, Kathryn! I can't believe we're already here.

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  1. She is so cute! My daughter just turned 6 months old last Friday! I am going to do a post about the first 6 months!