Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This and That

There have been a few things I've been meaning to document as Kathryn grows and changes, so I figure I better do it now before it leaves my very short mommy-memory.

1) A mere day after Kathryn turned 15 months old (August 5, 2011), E. J. got a text message from his mom while at work, which read exactly like this:

B is
Thigh ml

As it turns out, Kathryn sent that text to E. J.! She got a hold of her grandma's phone and without her knowing, sent her first text. 15 months and sending texts - pretty impressive! I'm sure "Thigh" was auto corrected to spell out a real word, or we can just pretend that she already knows how to spell and she was spending him a top secret message.

2) Kathryn has one of her molars (on the top, right-side of her mouth)! I noticed it last week and it's pretty much all the way through her gums. She's pretty amazing because we had no idea if it was bothering her or not. She's such a trooper!

3) I've mentioned how much she loves this show on PBS Kids called Super Why. At the end of each show they celebrate solving the problem with the same song which is prompted by saying "Hip Hip Hooray!"

Kathryn could be in another room of the house and if she hears the "Hip Hip Hooray!" song come on, she'll quickly make her way to the living room so she can join in the celebration and do a dance.

Before she grows out of it, I recorded it tonight...and then kept recording for a few more minutes, which basically documents the busy life of Kathryn.

**Notice our recent bout of bad luck...our tv broke and we were told it's unrepairable. Luckily, E. J.'s mom let us use her old tv, so we're rocking the box tv in our house, for now!


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