Monday, October 3, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I'm lucky enough to be home in two different places. However, being so lucky with two homes comes with its downfall. I'm away often from my friends and family from my original home, New England. Going home doesn't just mean getting in the car and at my parent's door 30 minutes later, it's usually planning ahead months in advance.

But when I do get to be home, I cherish my moments there. After Kim and Andy's awesome wedding weekend, E. J. left to head back to TX since he had to be back for work, while Kathryn and I were spoiled with another full week at my parent's house.

Speaking of being lucky, how lucky am I that so many family members drove just for the day from CT ---> VT for a Labor Day picnic!
Rain! Something this TX girl has not seen in a while
K was in heaven with all the jewels that were being shared
Second cousins are very patient...and have all the best finds in their purses :)
The rest of our week in Vermont was perfect. Lots of lounging around, rainy weather, spending time with mom and dad, and yummy homemade meals. To me, it doesn't get better than that.

To top it off ten fold, Kathryn, mom, and I spent an entire day shopping at the outlets, which was a blast! K and I were spoiled with Christmas presents and lucky to spend a whole day with Nana ;). We ate one of our favorite places and enjoyed a great day...and of course I got myDunkin Donuts hot chocolate while we were out.
The results from a full day of shopping
When the weather cleared up, we enjoyed more walks along the dirt road.

A sign fall arriving
I know mom will be happy I've posted pictures of her in sweats ;)
Rushing waterfall from the hurricane and excessive rainfall in the area
Picking apples with Pop Pop
and blueberries too
Helping Pop Pop make pickles with fresh cucumbers from his garden
Before: Enjoying the outdoors
After: Lesson learned, don't lean over a stream so much that you fall right in
The sun was shining on our last day in Vermont, so we were able to spend some time out on the porch that dad just built.
The cut on her nose is courtesy of falling out of the stroller
We left for CT the next day to stay at my Aunt Debbie's house and have another great family party! There was lots of delicious food, family, and friends.
Since dad wasn't with us, a 2.5 hour stop at Yankee Candle was completely necessary
Just relaxing with Uncle Jon and Maggie
All the girl cousins!
I even got to see my bff, Jen and her family. Can't wait to meet Ava, who will be here in November!
There was lots of dancing, naturally
But some resting as well
Carly knows me too well. Thank you, Carly!
If there is something close by with a steering wheel, she will find it and have a blast
After saying our goodbye's from a fun day and night, we headed to the airport to head back to Texas. I wish I could say the trip back to TX was as easy as the trip to CT.

If only a little girl who wanted to be topless, crying on the floor from being beyond overtired was ideal, then it would have been the perfect trip home. Needless to say, I don't have any pictures to document those few hours and I'd prefer it was wiped from my mind, in fact.

Kathryn finally fell asleep 30 minutes before the plane landed. Great? But, we made it nonetheless.

We had a couple of hours in Dallas before our short flight home. We were hungry and both exhausted. I couldn't wait to get home and go to bed! I was desperate to keep Kathryn happy, so I even bought her fries from McDonald's.
Mother of the year, perhaps?
Happy as a clam playing
Finally! We made at home, both of us in one piece, barely, but we made it. We truly couldn't have asked for a better two weeks of New England bliss, thanks to all the love of family and friends.

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  1. finally getting caught up. K is BEAUTIFUL and, like X, so grown up! We're on a nail painting fun! Love your updates and pics:)