Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Simple Weekend

This weekend was a simple one. Other than E. J. working a ton we didn't have much going on, which is always ideal to me.

Kathryn kept me company for a few hours while E. J. worked until the wee hours of Saturday morning. She was rocking her kitty grandpa-like pajamas. Adorable.
After spending time at home Saturday morning, Kathryn and I headed into town to run some errands. While I was throwing all the just-in-case items into the diaper bag, I turned around to find Kathryn applying chapstick that she found in my purse. Such a little girly-girl :).
We lucked out and found the Halloween costume we had seen at other stores, but they had already sold out. Phew! There were so many "scary" displays that I thought surely K would be afraid of them. It was just the opposite, she was fascinated with everything. However, the only thing that did scare her was when we walked over the mask section and she saw a Sarah Palin mask. I just had to laugh at that.
When we got home and finished unloading groceries, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside until E. J. got home from work. She's my little outdoorsy girl!
Sunday brought the most wonderful gift. RAIN! We are still in the midst of the worst drought on record, so the few hours of rain that we got was welcomed with open arms.

Since the ground is so dry, puddles immediately formed and made it look like it's been raining for days.
View from our front door
View from our backdoor
Kathryn's newest thing is getting into her own little nook, one of which is the windowsill. Not exactly the safest spot, but she enjoyed watching the rain.
We did some Sunday afternoon cleaning and organizing. While I was putting away clothes, K was dressing herself up in her rain boots and her Easter purse.
She even randomly started sweeping. She was so determined to get it right!
Although she was probably thinking, "somebody needs to get this done around here".
Another weekend down, another start to a new week.


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