Monday, October 24, 2011

Hay is for Horses

This weekend had one of those bummer Saturdays when you have to spend $500 on your 2002 Honda Civic for new tires, an oil change, and to fix the alignment. Eh, it has to be done if my good ole' car is going to last us a few more years. But seriously, being an adult is so over-rated.

Sunday, though, Sunday was good. Kathryn is now in that: I'm-willing-to-help-with-anything-you-want-me-to-do phase. Naturally, just like her mommy and daddy, she's quite proud of all the help she provides.

K and I took an early morning walk to the in-laws horse barn to visit E. J. while was doing his every-other-Sunday feeding duties.
On a mission
She immediately went into helping mode by picking up scraps of hay laying on the barn floor....
...and giving the horses a tasty treat
Must. Help. Dad.
I'm always in awe of how confidently she stands in front of the horses
Later in the afternoon, we went outside again and K went back into helper mode. This time, she wanted to feed the chickens and without any direction she did it all herself, including knowing which food to give them!
This girl is no joke! At one point, one of the chickens starting flapping its wings by her, which scared me, yet, make K laugh hysterically.
My little country gal.


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