Tuesday, October 4, 2011

17 Months

Month 17 is suddenly upon us and has made my little toddler almost seem like a little girl.
This girl does not stop moving! No relaxing. If she wants your attention, you better take advantage because when she comes over for a hug, a kiss, or to rest her head on your shoulder, cherish those few seconds because she'll find something else to do instantly.
She has a huge heart! Always greets the dogs and cats with a kiss, gives us hugs and kisses, and you can just tell that overall she's very sweet...except when she's mad, she's only mad at me. More on those fun times later.
17 months also happened to be a day when she barely napped = tough day for pictures
Although still teary, we got one last smile before bath time
As far as talking goes, her vocabulary is really starting to grow. Off my head, these are some words she often says:

Ruby (the name of my MIL's cat)

Besides those words, she often tries to repeat words that we say. Although they may not be the word itself, you can tell she's copying the intonation and trying to get it out.
Her adorable koala ears from Kim and Andy's honeymoon in Australia!
And of course her cat has to try them on too
She's become quite the fast little mover! If she had it her way, we'd spend all day outside because she gets pretty mad when it's time to go in.

Kathryn still doesn't have much interest in television (which is great), unless it's "Super Why" on PBS Kids. She goes crazy for that show, although naturally, cannot sit still for the entire thing.

She's happiest though when she goes to her room, grabs her kitty and blanket out of her crib and brings them back to the living room for her bottle before bed.
Happy 17 months, Kathryn!


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