Sunday, September 25, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Although long overdue, I'm finally back to regular blog postings!

Labor Day weekend 2011 was by far my favorite celebration of the holiday, ever. Not only were we on vacation as a family, but we were celebrating Kim and Andy's wedding. To say their wedding was beautiful would be a complete understatement.

(Backtracking a bit) We flew into Connecticut the Tuesday before the wedding. Naturally, since I wasn't flying alone with Kathryn, she was a breeze on a flight. She went back and fourth between us and behaved the entire time. I wish I could say the same for the returning flight (more on that joyous adventure later).

On our layover in Dallas, K enjoyed stretching her legs, running around, and waving to passengers exiting their flight.
After landing in Hartford, having dinner with mom, and heading to Vermont, we enjoyed resting up for fun days ahead.

We jumped right into fun and completely necessary Vermont activities:

Walks along the beautiful dirt road my parents live on

A trip to the Vermont Country Store

Celebrating E. J.'s birthday a little early

And, simply giving in to relaxing and enjoying our time together

We arrived in New Hampshire on Thursday and settled in. Let's just say, it was beyond easy to get settled in and comfortable into the beautiful location on Lake Winnipesaukee that Kim picked for their wedding.

We went out for a delicious Italian family dinner and walked to grab some Ben and Jerry's.
It's not summer vacation without chowing down on some ice cream
On our walk back to the hotel, I snapped this picture and although I didn't mean to do this, I thought the heart looking shapes were appropriate for a weekend wedding celebration.
On Friday we brought K to the beach where she had a blast learning how to throw rocks and getting a little wet, too.
Rock throwing with Pop Pop was seriously fun
After drying off and changing clothes we headed out to lunch.
Only on vacation do you get french fries and chicken fingers 3 or 4 times in one weekend
Making friends while at lunch
If Kathryn had a car in N.H., this would be hers...
After a beautiful rehearsal dinner, where the bridesmaids were seriously spoiled with gifts from the bride, all the bridesmaids spent one last night together in the bridal suite before the big day!
The newly married couple. The day was perfection!
Let the partying begin!
K got the message and was dancing up a storm of crazy spinning
Acting a little like she drank something of daddy's
I got the partying message too. Let's just say, thank goodness for grandparents because this was the second time we've been out alone since Kathryn was born. Yeah, it was that fun!

E. J.'s flight left the next morning since he had to work the next week. We said our goodbye's and headed off to the after-wedding (delicious) brunch. Oh no, the fun wasn't over yet!

Creepy Uncle Sam
She can no longer be around water without some fun rock throwing
Sam, purposely looking like a jerk
We finished out the perfect weekend at Kim's parents lake house. Our Labor Day was definitely one for the books. Celebrating Kim and Andy, spending time with family and friends I haven't seen in so long, and taking a wonderful vacation together, couldn't have been better.
We're one lucky family


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