Tuesday, September 13, 2011

16 Months

(Really late!) But I have an excellent excuse...we were on vacation!

l update more on that later, but thought I should get to K's 16 month post before I let too much time pass.

We rung in month 16 in New Hampshire after one of the most wonderful weekends celebrating Kim and Andy's wedding. Since we were away from home we had to break away from tradition, but conveniently enough, there was a chair in our hotel room to take her monthly pictures!
Kathryn is still our smiling, happy, and all around sweet-hearted little girl.
She's babbling all the time, but the words we can understand are "hot", "mamma", "dadda", "maa" (I think that means, "mine"). She's a serious babbler and having conversations out the yazoo. There are some other words she tries to say, but I'm all about it being the real deal. This momma wants you to use the word correctly if I'm going to count it as real speech :).
Her walking is getting faster by the day, which was evident as I was running behind her while we were shopping with my mom. She is just a few notches below running everywhere.

She's a funny little girl, always trying to play games and hide. All of the sudden she has actually taken an interest in cuddling...only if she's tired, though. And by cuddling, I mean like 5 seconds of staying in one place and then she looses interest and needs to be taking part in something else. But hey, I'll take what I can get.
Happy 16 months, Kathryn! We so proud of the little girl you are and the little girl you're becoming.


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