Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

We had a fairly low-key weekend. Now if only it was just a little longer ;). So here is our weekend told (mostly) by pictures.

After our morning walk and getting things done around the house, we all made a trip into town for an oil change and a trip to Target.
Saturday evening, we went to a birthday party and Kathryn had a blast playing.
Showing me her yucky face
She desperately wanted to play with the older kids
After hours of playing in the dirt, a Saturday night bath was much needed...
...and lots of rest
Sunday was filled with more fun. Friends of ours let us borrow a cool slide for Kathryn. It's a perfect size for her and will definitely provide lots of entertainment!
She climbed right up and was so proud of herself that she did a big "80's pump"
Sign of fun: a dirty bum
Taking a ride with dad in the green machine
A sprinkler never gets old
A look at the miserably hot week ahead

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