Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Weekends

Whether it's summer or winter, weekends simply flash by too quickly. This weekend was no different. Although we didn't have much to do, a weekend with our little girl is always eventful.

After lathering Kathryn in sunscreen, I brought her outside for a fun summer-hose-down.
E. J. was working outside, so he took a break and did the honors.
We though it would be fun for her. Kathryn, eh, she was indifferent, but looked pretty darn cute.
Definitely needed to give dad a hug and a kiss after that experience
Saturday night we went over our friend's house for dinner. I was in charge of dessert, so I made up a new recipe: chocolate chip cookie bottomed cupcakes with chocolate frosting! I'm sure it's been done before, but I made up my own recipe. I also made a tasty strawberry sauce to top it off for some extra decadence. Yum!
On Sunday we picked up my car after a routine oil change. I was dreading the bill because I was convinced they would find some some very expensive that needed to be replaced. But, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the oil chance was it for now!

I was even more surprised when I saw my receipt: $23. It was suspiciously low, but I saw that there was a coupon attached to it, so I thought maybe they were just being really nice and gave me $10 off.

As I was walking out after paying, E. J. called while circling around the garage and said he couldn't find my car. Suddenly he said, "oh there's you're car, it's the one covered in bird poop" (well, he used a different word than "poop").
The pictures really don't do it justice
Oh. My. Gawd. There was more poop than paint showing through. It was actually really funny...and a bit embarrassing, which explains why they gave me $10 off my oil change after spending the evening under a tree.

E. J. said that if the bag/bird lady from Home Alone drove a car, my car would be it.

The $10 I saved on my oil change was the same $10 I spent on a great car wash. Refreshed!
Today we're back to our routine.
Running around the kitchen
Kissing kitties
Doing the Home Alone face
And just being crazy
Is it Friday yet?


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