Monday, July 4, 2011

14 Months

Happy 4th of July and Happy 14 months to Kathryn!
I made some patriotic cupcakes to celebrate the day...
and Kathryn wore her patriotic dress from nana.
Of course, we had to take the little Bug's picture to document her big day:
*14 months has brought so many new and big changes for Kathryn. I'm beyond amazed at her comprehension! She's starting to talk a little more and can say the following words:
"Hey", "No", "Mamma", "Dadda", "Gaga" (as in the Lady Gaga). Although in baby talk, we're convinced she's holding full executive business meetings the way she talks on and on!

*If we ask her to identify body parts, she can point to the following things: hair, elbow, knee, eye, nose, tongue, and ear.

*WALKING! Just over the long weekend, I could see a difference in the amount of walking she has taken on. Although crawling is still seems to be her preferred method, she's definitely walking more than 50% of the time. She can also get to the standing position without holding on to anything to anchor her.
*She's a lover of all things glitz and glam. She now has about 20 bracelets from her grandma and is constantly switching them from arm to arm or wearing them all on one arm - it's really whatever the fashionista thinks is best for the moment.
Kathryn is obsessed with opening and closing doors. She especially loves to go into the pantry and hide.
She's into everything now...
She's still our champ litter sleeper! She usually goes to bed without a peep and sleeps soundly through the night, which also happens to equal a very well rested mommy and daddy (thanks a bunch, little girl!)

Kathryn is such a joy and we simply can't get enough of this sweet girl.

Happy 14 months Kathryn!


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