Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Snip Snip

Trimming Kathryn's bangs was long overdue, but today I went for the plunge. I only attempted her bangs and that was plenty, for now.
Before (as you can tell, a trim was much needed
because the business in the front is now catching up to the party in the back)
Here we go
Even before I started, I knew I wasn't cutting her hair correctly,
but I just had to get it over with in any way possible because she wasn't really having it
What have you done, Mom? What. Have. You. Done.
Wow, mom. Thanks for making me look like Justin Bieber
Trying to primp herself and get used to the new 'do
First haircut is now complete and for sentimental reasons I put the pieces of hair I could gather into a Ziploc bag - another item to put in her baby book! Sigh.

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