Sunday, June 26, 2011

San Antonio: Round Two

Saturday night we returned home from our short, but successful trip back to San Antonio.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the trip because as I mentioned in my post from last weekend in San Antonio, the hard drive in my computer was replaced and I have yet to buy the device to transfer the info from the old hard drive to the new one.

Anyway, Friday afternoon K and I picked up E. J. from work and we headed to S. A. We had an easy trip there, rested a bit in our hotel room, and feasted on a tasty meal on the Riverwalk. It was hot but there was a pleasant breeze, so we took advantage of the evening and walked around for a while. Kathryn was pooped by the time we got back to the hotel room and she slept until 8:30 a.m. the next morning. Fabulous!

On Saturday morning we headed out to pick up E. J.'s truck, ate lunch, and headed home. Kathryn rode with E. J. and I followed in my car.

Ahh, a sweet sigh of relief. We were almost home without any hitches this time. But wait! Exactly two afters after leaving San Antonio, I get a call from E. J...

Remember how I mentioned we picked him up from work the day before? Well, he left his work gun in the safe in our hotel room. Thinking that it was the safest place to leave the gun, he mentioned to me Friday night to help remind him to get it before we left. It didn't even phase either of us before leaving.

Kathryn was already sleeping in E. J.'s truck and since my car gets better mileage, I volunteered to drive back. Plus, a Starbucks sounded really good after passing dozens of them along the way.

Fast-forward 6 hours later, and I was home, safely. Phew. E. J. knew it was a major pain for either of us to have to drive back, especially with our bad luck last week, and he was naturally super appreciative of me driving back. He and Kathryn stopped at the grocery store on their way home and picked up some groceries, along with some strawberries and chocolate to make me homemade chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!
Obviously, things still could have been much worse. It's just good to be home safe again and spend the entire day with this sweet little raspberry-mess-of-a-girl.


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