Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Wedding, A First

We took Kathryn to her first wedding this weekend (a friend/former co-worker of E. J.'s). She was really well behaved, but after finishing her bottle and letting out a healthy burp during the ceremony (although I think only a few people around us actually heard it) she decided she wanted to "talk" a little bit so I brought her out to the lobby where a bunch of other kids and parents were hanging out.
The ceremony was a lot of fun, especially catching up with some friends we don't see often. I was so impressed that the ceremony was very "kid friendly". They provided all the kids (and there were lots of them) with a kid-friendly meal and goodie-bags filled with crayons and lolly pops. Great ideas! (We took the lolli pops for ourselves, though). We were also relieved to find out that had high chairs (although we had her stroller just in case). It's amazing how differently you think once you have a child!
Clapping as the crowd participated in a congo-line type dance.
She was either clapping or dancing in her high chair the entire time.
Taking a breather
Time to dance with dad
Although we were all pooped by the end of the night, it was a fun
Saturday evening with a different change of pace!


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